Last Thursday on Alberta


Rose City Vaudeville

Artists, musicians and performers line the street from 15th through 30th Avenues, galleries hold their monthly openings and restaurants and bars hang new artwork for sale. Last Thursday is the largest art event in Portland as well as the most entertaining place to buy local art.

Last Thursday, the monthly Alberta Arts District festival, is now in its 17th season.

Last Thursday happens year round but during the peak summer months the street is closed from 6:00-9:30 to all vehicle traffic (May-September).

Last Thursday is a community grown event, free to all artists and art vendors, musicians, performers & visitors.

ALERT: Charley Hales office is planning to charge all vendors at some point this summer. Concerns? Questions? Please contact Chad Stover, contact info below.

If you would like to vend on Last Thursday, grab your handmade wares, a table and head on out to Last Thursday on Alberta. Currently, there are no fees, registration or designated spots. (As of June’s Last Thursday, 2014.)


Last Thursday is for creatives, artists, musicians and performers.

Last Thursday is not for re-sales, garage sales, imported goods, corporate promotions or retail.


Parking can get difficult so please ride your bike or use public transportation to cut down on the congestion and we’ll see you out there!


Friends of Last Thursday is no more.

The spirit remains but the name has reverted back to the Mayor’s Office. FoLT has disbanded with the knowledge that we do so with never backing down to the Mayor’s uninformed demands.

Thank you to the vendors, supportive businesses and community members and all the City agencies we have worked with for the past four years.

We direct you to the mayor’s office as our community is no longer ‘authorized’ to manage this event.

For livability/community impact concerns and questions we refer you to Chad Stover.

Chad Stover, Mayor’s Office:  503-823-4120


Mayor Hales, who brought to you the ‘Street Tax’ and the ‘Late Night Activity Permit’, is wanting to register and charge every vendor in the right of way. This destroys the core of Last Thursday, which has been the only free market place and stage for artists in Portland, going on 17 years now.

He has also been looking at charging all Alberta Street restaurants and bars open during the event, a ‘Last Thursday tax’ to cover his $100,000 costs. (The reported $80,000 spent last summer was for only 4 Last Thursdays. FoLT held a permit and paid for all services for May, 2013.)

There has been no attempt in the City’s current wing-tip-management style to preserve the unique event or encourage the arts and performance. They are making the same big mistake as previous administrations by letting Last Thursday auger in –once again.

Previous Mayor Adams, at least, saw the value in understanding and preserving the only Free Stage for Art and Performance acknowledged around the world. The publicity this will bring to Portland will spotlight the short-sightedness of this Mayor. The opportunities for promotion exisist in no other once-a-year street fair. Yet, the goal of the City’s Mayor is to vanilla-coat Last Thursday and put us all to bed at 10p.m.

Mayor Hales now says he is looking for the exact model that was presented to him a year ago by the group the City had tasked with managing the event, who had worked for free for four years and had not only meet the threshold for obtaining the event permit, were issued the permit for Last Thursday.

Now, if the City had done a better job than the volunteers, the kick in the face by the mayor might have been justified, but the event is costing 4 times what it should; the noise, congestion and alcohol problems are back in the neighborhood; and the only time the street has been clean, since the volunteer days, is when the Mayor brought the water trucks with pressurized water hoses, to clean the…sidewalks?

Why not give Last Thursday ‘special designation’ for street vending, such as afforded to the Rose Fest (that carries a $3 million price tag covered through city efforts)? Or look at the Sundays Parkways model and the use of city bureau monies and overtime.

Arts and culture are vital to community life. We also believe that community is vital to arts and culture. We’ve seen that the organizations who thrive are the ones who understand and connect with their communities. -National Arts Strategies

Get the Hales out of our neighborhood!


  1. I am looking for a market to sell my paintings and hand made necklaces , bracelets , keychains and ect. . My number is 541-321-**** someone please call me with info .Thankyou . James

    • All the info you need is on the website:
      Are your necklaces, keychains, etc. handmade? Then look under artist vendors, if not look under non-art vendor.
      Please ask if you have further questions.

  2. Can’t wait for Last Thursdays and Summer to come!!

  3. I’ve heard tell….that this year 2014 Last Thursdays is officially “cancelled” and anyone setting up on Alberta on the coming monthly LTs
    ie: May-Sep. will recieve fines and or “removed” from the street!…is there any truth to this? and if so, how can we tax paying citizens that rely heavily on Last Thursdays for a major part of their income continue to participate?

    should we start a community “fine fund” or bail fund?

    • No way.
      Although Friends of Last Thursday is no more, Last Thursday lives on. The Mayor’s Office has ‘informed’ us that they will be sending out a press release stating that they will be providing the services for LT this summer. They will be paying for the trash/toilets/security etc. but we have yet to see any management or any action towards community impact. (Which is the reason they site for taking it from the community volunteer group, FoLT.)
      They have taken the management away from our neighborhood but the people own the event, which has become the 2nd largest event behind the Rose Fest, and it will continue for it’s 17th year.
      Questions or concerns? Contact Chad Stover, Mayor’s Office: 503-823-4120
      Let him know you want LT to stay in the hands of this hosting neighborhood’s hands.

      • I have emailed the mayors office with my support for this event. PLEASE DO THE SAME PEOPLE!!!
        Don’t just say “I support this event”, but say WHY. :-)
        WE are the ONLY ones who can make a difference.

  4. Is Last Thursday still alive? I am new to Portland and am looking to make my paintings available to the public, any reccomendations? Thanks this event is a dream come true!

  5. I’m so happy to learn that the event will go on! Thank you, Chad, for clearing up any confusion about the cities involvement. Looking forward to selling my woodworking, art. See you in May!

  6. is last thursday still going on next month

  7. Hi, I’m vising Portland and am very excited for this event! I just wanted to let you know that for someone new to Portland and new to this website, it’s a little unclear that FOLT is separate from Last Thursdays. When I saw above that FOLT was “no more” I thought that meant the whole event wasn’t happening any longer. It’s clarified in the comments, but it might be good to clarify it above in the text too. :)

  8. I recently emailed a request for Last Thursday for this month. May 28th. I have yet to get a reply. That being said, after viewing this web page I guess it’s best that I continue to do as I’ve always done, enjoy my paintings at home and remain hopeful that one day something may come of it. I recently was invited to the first annual Multnomah County HIV/AIDS clinic art and craft show last month. There was a great turn out and a new art group was formed for the HIV/AIDS community that is inclusive to all. My artwork was well received and I sold some paintings as well. I unfortunately had to decline participating in that group as well as it comes down the the same old song: Why does someone or some group have to spoil a good thing? Its a shame that Last Thursday and the other art group must suffer such an ordeal. I guess the common good and doing a good thing are tossed to the wayside.
    I was working on some new paintings to show at Last Thursday this month, guess I have to make more room on my living room wall. Good luck everyone and God Bless.


  9. My apologies to all. Most of the posts did not download before I posted my previous comment. I look forward to participating as I just recently found out about this event. Still sort of new to Portland via New Orleans. I look forward to meeting you!


  10. All things do change, but I am so very glad to see this event continue. It can be a pain in the A. for those of us that live in the hood but it is a wonderful way for artists of all forms to share wares, skills and interests. My only wish is that people get a bit more involved and keep this unique event in the hands of the people as it was created. See you out there!

  11. Hi I was just wondering is Last Thursday happening this month and do I need to RSVP to be a vendor?

    Thank You

  12. Will last thursday b happening tomorrow may 29 2014 i make shaved ice how do i go about getting a spot for my trailer?

  13. Nobody in the neighborhood enjoys last Thursday. My front yard becomes a toilet – literally – for the type of person who shows up. Something needs to change because the caliber of attendant and blatant disregard for the people who live here is appalling. I have enjoyed 13 years in Portland and tonight was again an affirmation that there is no value this event brings to the Alberta community. It is a reason for people to trash our community in every sense of the word.

    • Our community no longer is authorized by Charley Hales to run Last Thursday. It is now being handled by his project manager, Chad Stover, the self proclaimed Port-o-Potty King. It was his plan to provide more toilets than we provided the past 3 years but I guess that didn’t work. Please send all comment to him: Chad Stover, Mayor’s Office: 503-823-4120
      p.s. There are many people in our neighborhood that love LT! It needs direction and from our community not the misguided mayor.

  14. Hi there! I am wondering about our family band being able to perform at this event. How do we go about applying?

    • You show up. That’s Last Thursday which has been free for all creatives, artists, musicians and buskers. No registration either. Well, until Mayor Charlie Hales tries to ruin this 17 year old event. But for now, no registration and no fee.

  15. Hi!
    I would like to attend Last Thursday on June 26, just found the info on a Meet-Up site last night. Is there a vendor fee and what time can vendors set up? I have my own 9×9 tent and two tables. I sell my own handmade jewelry: necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

    Check out my blog. I am adding new items daily. My resell rack is available online only.

    NOTE: do not type .com in the web address, it is .co

    Thank you,

    CA Cruz
    Cruz Creations, LLC

    • Come on down and bring your creative self and your wares. It’s still free (for now)! You may set up anytime in the afternoon, street closes at 6.

  16. I am planning to bring some of my paintings and other art down for June last Thursday. Can I use a conopy over my wares just in case of raib? Or are tables the only option? Thanks for the info!!

    • You may use a canopy, please just make sure there is clearance down the middle of sidewalk for wheelchair access.

  17. Me and a few friends are coming down tomorrow with our seperate crafts, and, though I am aware the street is closed was unclear of the parking rules. Do here’s the dealio: we have a van with a fold-out canopy and were hoping we could park it there and set up that way. Please get back to me on this! Thank you

    • You may park on Alberta if you are actively vending from your van. Otherwise set up and park off Alberta by 6:00. Happy Last Thursday!


  19. I received this email today from Chad Stover:

    I have to be perfectly honest with you, and disagree. There are dozens of street fairs that happen all over this city and all of them except Last Thursday go through the proper channels of developing a management body through a non-profit, they work with business associations and neighbors in order to develop the right funding mechanism and logistical support to run the event. Portland taxpayers have been handling the bill at Last Thursday for 17 years. If you know someone who has the right financial support and means to manage this, we would love nothing more than to hand it off. But when 20,000 people congregate in the street, the City has no choice but to put resources toward managing the event (Police, Fire, ONI, toilets, garbage, recycling, security, etc). All of these things cost money.

    If you have ideas for addressing the livability concerns, handling the logistics, covering the costs, downing the noise, enforcing open-container drinking and marijuana use, and all the while keep the nuance of the event to be about the artists (which is what I hear from people most of the time), then I would love to hear your thoughts. We’re trying to keep the event going, but the status quo hasn’t worked for everyone.

    • So untrue. The City has NOT, I repeat NOT, paid the bill for Last Thursday for 17 years!
      No one did, it was just a thing that happened in our downtrodden neighborhood and was ignored by the City for the same fact.
      The community couldn’t even get the City to help shut down the street when the size of the crowds became so large they spilled into the streets. We the people, pushed abandoned cars into the street to start blocking it off in 2007. The City stepped in in 2009 and then charged the Alberta District to take over the event and Friends of Last Thursday was born and began to run the event in 2011. FoLT paid for all services and did everything he mentions in that last paragraph.
      Actually, FoLT members now have a non-profit and have offered to run the event but they refused That would mean they would have to eat crow. These politicians will do anything to not admit they were wrong. Look how they keep spinning this story!

  20. Hi,
    With general food prep and handlers cards aside, are baked goods required to be prepared in a commercial oven? My mom and I are pretty ‘small-time’ right now and would like to share our dairy free cakes with the world and I think LT would be a great way to.
    Thank you to anyone with information.

    • All food vendors are required to hold a temporary restaurant license or have a licensed domestic kitchen.
      Here is the link:

      A Domestic Kitchen license allows you to wholesale your goods or sell-direct at venues like Last Thursday or Farmer’s Markets.
      If you are interested in licensing your kitchen or learning more, please contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division @ 503-986-4720;
      BUT WAIT!
      There are some foods that are exempt from licensure:
      -cookies, confections, cotton candy, popcorn, nuts, and candied apples
      -commercially packaged items: ice-cream, frozen desserts, potato chips, pretzels and crackers
      -commercially processed pickles and jerky
      -coffee (not espresso) and tea (no powdered creamers) and canned or bottled pop
      -food samples

  21. My e-mail to the Mayor’s office:

    Dear Mr. Stover,
    I am writing this in support of the continuation of the Last Thursday on Alberta event. I live in California but I always (every year) vacation in Portland. My vacation centers around events like Last Thursdays. I spend 100% of my vacation dollars in PDX enjoying everything LA does not have. Like friendly respectful people, best and safest city biking in the country, best food on every level, the best coffee and of course great breweries. So why not continue with the best art festival? While I am not up to speed with PDX politics, I’m sure it has a lot to do with money. Money the city would like to collect from artists, who are for the most part, poor. Last Thursday is a demonstration of the city’s tolerance for free thinkers and free expression. Whatever the cost to the taxpayers, the benefits are manyfold in successful businesses along Alberta (whom I’m sure pay taxes as well). Businesses I now frequent because of Last Thursdays. Instead of stifling these types of events, they should be expanded to other neighborhoods. So please, keep Portland weird and wonderful.
    Karl Garabedian
    Tujunga, CA

    His reply:

    Hi Karl,

    Thanks for your message. Glad to hear you are in support of Last Thursday. So is the Mayor’s Office. Happy to talk if you would like, but this has little to do with politics, and more to do with equity and basic City law. We are in support of the event and want to see it continue, but it needs proper management and the right kind of funding mechanism. Also, the livability concerns as expressed by neighbors need to be addressed. We believe that good government stands for listening to all sides of the equation and finding the best path forward. I appreciate your speaking up.


    Chad E. Stover
    Project Manager
    Office of Mayor Charlie Hales
    1221 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 340
    Portland, OR 97204
    Office Phone: (503) 823-4027
    Cell Phone: (503) 823-8736

  22. As for this months Last Thursday (July) is there any update on if there is going to be a charge? How or when will vendors be notified about the permanent changes being made?

    • The mayor has not said anything as of yet about fees beginning this month.
      He usually just puts it out in a press release.

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