Art Vendors & Performers



Art Vendors may set up and sell their wares along Alberta Street following the set up guidelines below.

Set up when you please but keep in mind that the businesses along Alberta Street need to be able to do business without interference all day long. From May – September, during our warm months, the street will be closed from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. (No parking on Alberta after 5.) You may set up at any time during the day.

There are no assigned spaces so please self-manage in partnership with the community and other vendors. We do not provide an electricity source.

Art Vendors are artists, artisans, craftspeople, buskers, musicians and performers. Products should be 100% handcrafted.

Non-art vendors that sell products and services that are not hand-made. please keep in mind, Last Thursday is not a garage sale.


We do, however, ask that you read and comply with the Last Thursday Guidelines, below.

To maximize foot traffic and minimize conflict with local business owners and neighbors, please provide these courtesies:set-up map

1.  ASK FIRST.  Before setting up in front of a business, please receive their permission.

2.  CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF.  After packing up at night, take a look around and pack out all trash.


All side streets and intersections up to Alberta St. must be clear of booths for emergency vehicles.

Leave sidewalks open 5 ft for pedestrian and wheel chair access in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Maintain clearance within 3 ft radius of fire hydrants.

Keep a clear 18 ft path through the center for people and for emergency vehicle access.

Please avoid blocking all driveways.

Doors and pathways to Alberta businesses must remain clear and open.

Please refrain from placing your table, merchandise, etc. in the street before 5 pm. At 5:00pm you may move into the parking lane; however, for the safety of all, please vend strictly from the sidewalk until after the 6 pm closure.

Parking on Alberta is for load in and load out only. Exceptions:

-vehicles engaged in active vending.

-performer support vehicles.

-special-abled vendors


  1. Is there a registry or some way we are supposed to sign up for this? Or do we just show up?

    • That depends on what you are planning to vend, but for anyone selling their own art, just show up and find a spot!

    • Ya show up.
      During the peak months, May-Sept. the street is closed and fees are usually required for non-art vendors.
      It is free for all artists, musicians, and performers.

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